Decorative Glass
Rib Mountain Glass Inc. is pleased to be a supplier of many different types of
patterned glass, which will allow you to create your own unique look in many
aspects of your decor.  Pattern glass in your kitchen cabinets will add a
decorative flair, while allowing you to showcase your prized glassware.  
Perhaps you would like to use glass in your stairway or loft area instead of
the traditional wood railings, or maybe you want to have privacy glass in a
hot tub or shower area.  You are limited only by your imagination!

There are 4 levels of patterned glass:

  • Transparent
  • Minimally Obscure
  • Moderately Obscure
  • Obscure

Visit our showroom to view actual samples.
Winter Lake
Master Ligne
Minimally Obscure
Moderataely Obscure