Rib Mountain Glass Inc. is excited to offer you, our valued customer, the
opportunity to design your own custom framed mirror.  You will get the
frame style you want in the size and color to enhance any decor.

In addition to our custom framed mirrors, we offer pre-made mirrors in a
mirrors, laquered finish mirrors, wood framed and hand distressed
framed mirrors and mirror frames with metallic finishes.  Consolidated
Mirror has a line of frameless mirrors with a masonite backing in a variety
of shapes and sizes.

Whether you are remodeling or building, Rib Mountain Glass will be
happy to assist you in all your mirror selections.

A Field Service Technician will be happy to meet with you at your home
to discuss your particular decorating needs.
Mirrors are very cost effective ways to enhance your home or workplace.
They can be used to provide an illusion of a larger space and can even be
used to lighten up a room. Most mirrors in standard shapes are quite
reasonably priced and hardly require any maintenance after installation.
If you plan to install mirrors in your home or workplace, then it is not just a
matter of hanging them on the first empty wall that you see but instead it
requires a bit of planning and proper execution to get the desired effect.
You will need to first measure the room or hallway or a narrow corridor
where you plan to install your mirror or mirrors. The colors used in the
room or the corridor walls are also important. If your room is small and
you want to visually enlarge it, then you could paint one wall in a dark
color and hang a mirror on that wall. It will provide a visual impact of
depth and make the room look larger.

If you are using mirrors in the hallway or corridor, then it is important to
remember that mirrors also reflect. Thus, it is necessary to place them
opposite soft lights or other artifacts such as paintings or any other art
pieces that you might have displayed on the other side. Before
installation, make sure that the mirror will not reflect any doors to the
inner rooms since visitors will be able to see inside the room if the door is
left open. If you have such a problem during installation, then try to
change the angle of the mirror or try to shift the position of the mirror itself.

If you want to give an impression of a wide corridor in spite of having a
narrow one, then instead of just fixing mirrors on both sides of the walls,
which anyway would not only be a costly option but would also provide
multiple reflections to any viewer, try alternating between long, vertical
mirrors and paneling. You could also hang small paintings on the
paneling, thus making the corridor seem larger and wider than it actually
is. This same principle can also be applied in your workplace. If you want
to install mirrors in a restaurant, then etched mirrors that are start
upwards from the waist-level will give it an elegant look. You can either fit
your mirrors directly or even use frames that match your walls or your
room decor.

Mirrors can also help to spread the light in your home or workplace and  
hence provide a well-lit atmosphere along with a reduced energy bill.
Make sure that extremely bright lights are not exposed to the naked eye
since the mirror will in fact magnify the glare. Use suitable shields that
mask the brightness and convert the harsh glare into a soft glow. Also,
ensure that your mirrors are not placed directly in front of any window
with a southward or westward angle since it might result in some
undesired glare during particular hours of the day.

Thus, mirrors can easily be used to create an optical illusion of a larger
and well-lighted room or workplace provided you have thought of all the
various aspects before you put your thoughts into action. A well-placed
mirror can work wonders in converting any small or dimly lit place into a
virtual palace.

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